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For more than 10 years BVI Group working with design of ventilation systems. During this period we have implemented projects of varying complexity and trends working not only on Ukrainian but also on international markets. Calculations of expenses and design solutions of ventilation systems for apartments, houses, gyms, offices, restaurants, laboratories, commercial, industrial and warehouse facilities.

The ventilation system has one of the main component of a healthy climate for the organization and proper temperature balance in the room.

While selecting project solutions,  our specialists respectively to existing building standards (Health Standards & Rules  and State Building Regulations) choose modern and modern technological solutions based on integration of energy-saving systems, which in turn allows to reduce customer’s expenses.In our projects we use ventilation equipment and of the world’s leading manufacturers e.g. Systemair, Remak, AeroStar, Vents, Salda, Daikin, Mitsubishi, UnicoSystem etc.

All our decisions at various stages of design we agree with the customer or with the general constructor, designer, etc. on the basis of the signing of the interim certificates.

Milestones and components when creating the ventilation project :

  • analysis of the technical specifications of the facility for ventilation system;
  • main calculations for the implementation of the project solution:
    • calculations of heat and humidity retraction;
    • calculation of harmful gas assimilation;
    • calculation of air interchange in the building;
    • selection of the main ventilation equipment;
    • calculation of air diffusers;
    • aerodynamic calculation;
  • confirmationwith the customer design solution;
  • preparation of the main set of drawings:
    • development of main block diagram of the ventilation system;
    • placing the main ventilation equipment;
    • placement of the air distribution equipment;
    • placement of duct vent lines and other elements;
    • placing and detailing of connecting nodes of ventilation equipment;
    • making reference for the installation process of the all system;
  • development of explanatory notes with the definition of the main parameters of the ventilation system:
    • characteristics of the ventilation system (brand, dimensions, power consumption, etc.);
    • table of calculations of air interchange;
    • specification for system automatics;
  • development of axonometric diagrams of the ventilation system (if main drawings in 2D format);
  • development of specifications for equipment;
  • adding of permissive documentationfor project works.

Period of project works directly depend on the size of the facility, and from ratio of energy efficiency of solution ( more concerned to the passive houses).

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