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The project activity of BVI Group is closely linked to the innovations and new achievements in the areas of energy conservation, electricity, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and water supply.

All these engineering systems are the main sources of comfort, improvement and the proper functioning of different living environments from private to industrial and scientific.

In this section we offer you articles, scientific facts, research and examples of practical use of modern technologies in construction and design.

We focus on energy-saving technologies – technologies not of a distant future. BVI Group supports the development and implementation of energy saving technologies in the Ukrainian market, we are fully involved in the activities aimed at designing and monitoring of innovative energy systems, as well as improving the energy saving devices used.

Among the main activities in the field of energy saving, we distinguish:

  • Power supply;
  • Water supply and drainage;
  • Air conditioning and ventilation;
  • Heat supply;
  • Reducing the use of energy-intensive fuels (gas, gasoline, fuel oil, coal, peat, etc.).

The combination of professional design, minimization of capital investments, quality, reliability and efficiency of all engineering systems gives us the ultimate convenience and durability in their operation and maintenance.

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