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About Us

BVI Group was founded by a team of young and ambitious specialists. For over 10 years in the markets of Ukraine and Europe, we have gained extensive experience in the design and implementation of design solutions in the field of ventilation and air conditioning, water supply and sewage, heating, automation of production processes, systems of electric power management.

Our experience, our own research and the desire to change the quality of service delivery for the better, led us to create our own company and enter the engineering and construction market, with new technologies and a modern approach to work. The purpose of our company’s work is to become the leader among the companies providing engineering design services. The main area of ​​activity is the design of internal engineering systems with a high degree of energy and financial efficiency.

Mission of the company: BVI Group – providing comprehensive engineering design services of high quality with the use of modern innovative technologies.

Values ​​of the company


  • Striving and ability to achieve personal and team result.
  • To unite, motivate and lead a team of like-minded people to achieve the goal.
  • Vigilance, perseverance, search and embodiment of opportunities.
  • The constant desire to be better, to exceed the standards, to set up super tasks.


  • High speed search and implementation of the latest ideas and technologies.
  • Targeting the best world leaders in the field of implementation of new components, systems and solutions.
  • Collaboration with partners and manufacturers to create new solutions.
  • Constant striving for improvement.


  • Continuous growth of professionalism and competence through learning and sharing of experience.
  • Promotion of the initiative


  • Effective interaction to achieve the goal.
  • Mutual assistance and reciprocity

We work to ensure the comfort of our clients by supporting our innovative ideas implementation.

Working with BVI Group the customer receives a reliable partner who is able to solve a wide range of tasks in the field of engineering design..

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