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Design of Energy Efficient Systems

Successfully completed projects – the key to long-term and reliable operation of systems for the entire lifecycle. Project documentation is not only the installation and commissioning works, but also a “passport” your system for life.

For you, BVI Group engineers will develop technical solutions and project of energy-efficient systems of any complexity, for all types of buildings and structures. No matter where the facility is located, each client will receive the same competent service or advice about operation of engineering systems.

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The basic principle of our work is an individual approach to each object, which allows  developing of optimum complex technical solutions. The combination of professional design, minimalization of capital investment, quality, reliability and performance of all engineering systems results in a convenience and durability in their operation and maintenance. To do this, we use environmentally friendly and energy-saving equipment, advanced technology integration of mechanical, electrical, water and electronic engineering systems, as well as modern methods of their design.

All the technical solutions developed by our company meet regulatory requirements, climatic, environmental, health and sanitation, construction, fire safety and other regulations in force in the territory of Ukraine and EU. This provides a comfortable environment for the lives of our customers and long-lasting smooth operation of all systems.

Our experts are ready to advise you on all issues and make the necessary calculations of the engineering system that is right for your project.

We guarantee an individual approach and implementation of projects as soon as possible!